I want to stop education inequality. Too many high school students never reach their full potential because of the lack of resources available at their school or because of the lack of support from the home. I was homeschooled, no teachers, from a low income, single-parent home, small town, and lacked college prep resources and guidance.

Thanks to God, numerous blogs, online resources, forums, Khan Academy, youtube videos, coursera, online schooling, and much more (AKA TECHNOLOGY), I matriculated at UC Davis.

I study computer science, cognitive science, and technology management.

Using technology, my dream is to one day help end academic inequalities by building apps and resources targeted at low-income, under-privileged, rural, or homeschooled students striving to build a brighter future for themselves. A few of my goals that I want to see accomplished are to have more socioeconomically diverse student bodies across the US and raise awareness of the gaping educational disadvantages that hinders the potentials of under-privileged youth. I can accomplish these with tech.

While working towards my dream, I served as a webmaster and currently work as a manager at the UCD Student Startup Center. There, I created and teach a course called Basic Web Design with HTML. A course that covers some of the very basics of HTML. I get to work with 3D printers, plan events, and help plan on expanding the organization.

Next, I cofounded an amazing nonprofit called #Include-Davis. The nonprofit develops websites free of charge to other nonprofits in Davis.

I got more management experience at a NYC based startup called Collaborizm where I worked as a Community Manager. My job was to push for completion of the many projects on the platform through direct user interaction, encouragment, and by creating sizeable tasks for them to do towards project completion.

I am currently a Web Development Intern for the Center for Spatial Sciences at UC Davis.

When I'm not working, I read, write on Quora, explore town, watch Netflix, and enjoy hanging out with people! I enjoy meeting awesome folks so feel free to contact me through the links below!