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#Include-Davis is a nonprofit at UC Davis that is run exclusively by students. The club develops websites for Davis-based non-profits at no charge. #Include-Davis is a platform for students to gain development experience while positively impacting the Davis community.

Student Manager

UCD Student Startup Center

I'm a student manager at the UCD Student Startup Center where I 3D print engineering and personal projects for other students, teach, prototype, help plan events, plan the expansion of the center, administration duties, and hiring.

Web Development Intern

Center for Spatial Sciences, UC Davis

In the process of redesigning the website.


UCD Student Startup Center

I served as the webmaster, updating any necessary information using content management systems, Wordpress and Drupal.

Regional Director


Starting a educational coding chapter of coderGirls aimed at teaching elmentary to high school girls programming and web development.

Course Creator

UCD Student Startup Center

I created a course called "Basic Website Design with HTML." I'm halfway through writing "Basic Website Design with HTML pt II" and am currently writing a course called "Code a Live Website." The course teaches students how to code a responsive website and launch it to the web.

Community Manager


In this internship, I was a community manager for an amazing NYC based startup called Collaborizm where I mentored engineers working on projects toward completion by setting goal-oriented steps for them to do. I also gathered info on Hackathon sales and reported directly to the CEO.

Brand Ambassador


I worked for this startup by onboarding others from UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Harvard, Cal Poly Pomona, and Hofstra University.

Social Media Manager

UCD Student Startup Center

I was social media manager where we saw a 1000% increase in post engagement on facebook in the weeks leading up to our Open House. Responsibilities included posting up-to-date info on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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University of California, Davis
BS. Computer Science, Cognitive Science,
minor Tech Management 2019


Team & Project Management

I'm a current manager for the UCD Student Startup Center, was Team Leader for Intro to Aero Science Project, a Community Manager for Collaborizm. I minor in Tech Management. I was team leader in a group project of 6 people where we disected Costco's business structure and made recommendations to increase their growth rate in annual sales.


I'm a current 3rd year CS major at UCD and have used C, C++, Linux, Unix, and Github.

Web Development

I use HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Content Management Systems, Drupal, Wordpress. I also cofounded a web development club called #Include-Davis!

3D Printing & Hackerspace Management

I have 1.5 years experience managing a hackerspace equipped with prototyping technology. I've helped many fellow students 3D print their engineering projects.


Cell: 661 675 5558
Email: mhpoblete@ucdavis.edu
Alt: mikki.poblete@gmail.com